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mute curse
You are mute. You were born with the inability to
speak. You may not have a voice, but you are a
natural at martial arts, which is good because
you need the skills to fight the evil that is
attracted to you. On your twelfth birthday,
you wake up in the middle of the night with a
terrible pain in your chest. It turns out that
the reason you are mute is because you are the
protector of your family's sacred jewel and
each generation, the chosen protector is born
with the inability to speak so they can not
tell they are the protector. Evil is attracted
to you because they sense the powerful presence
within your body. Now you must go through life
a mute and an evil magnet, unless there is some
way you can find to break the curse of the
sacred jewel protector.

What curse do you possess?
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You possess the supernatural ability to tap into
the minds of people and influence their
thoughts and judgment. You don't know what
people are thinking, but if you concentrate on
a person you can alter what they are thinking
to your pleasure. You can basically make
people do whatever you want. You are in
control of people's thoughts. People tend to
be attracted to you and notice you when you are
in their purview.

What supernatural ability do you possess?
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The spirit that follows you is the Demon. Dark and
alone, you are easy prey for the Demon. They
feast upon lonely souls who are prone to
depression. Slowly, they steal your soul as
they whisper words of malice into your ear,
making you fall deeper into the darkness and
into their eager hands.

Color: Black
Element: Darkness
Gemstone: Onyx
Emotions: Lonely and Depressed

What Spirit Is Following You? (5 detailed answers + anime pics)
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You are Satoshi! You are quiet and serious.
Knowledge is important to you. You may not have
that many friends but tehy all love you!

Which D.N.Angel Character Are You?
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You want Acceptance out of life. You are alone and
want others to notice and appreciate you.
Sometimes you may step into your own imaginary
world to escape the desolate one in which you
were born. Word of advice: your internal world
may be appealing but it will never be real.
Learn to accept reality before it is too late.

Color: Black
Symbol: Shadow
Element: Darkness

*What Do You Want Out Of Life?* (5 detailed answers + anime pics)
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You are slowly fading away...
You find yourself slowly fading away... your family
& friends no longer recognize you... No one
knows who you are, you dont even know...

What is your story conflict? (anime pictures Sorry guys, girls only)
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